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At Epic Instruction, we believe in supporting and contributing to the learner experience through Exemplary instructional design, engaging educational content, and the deployment of innovative emerging technologies.


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Erin Zink

Shane Zink

Founder/Creative Director

Director of Operations & Strategy

Erin founded Epic Instruction because she saw an opportunity to transform the training experience for organizations by providing world-class, cutting-edge Instructional Design with a unique twist. Prior to launching an Educational Technology company, Erin has been an industry leader in her own right for many years as a top instructional designer working with many Fortune 100 companies.

Shane is an industry-recognized operational leader with a passion for growing people and companies. Shane has a proven track record of working with early-stage startups to implement tools and processes to help scale businesses and drive operational growth. As Director of Operations & Strategy at Epic, Shane assumes a broad range of responsibilities across the organization including leading the product/marketing teams as well as helping grow the company.